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Pay Your Rent

If you are struggling to pay your rent, please contact your Rent Officer for help. For more advice see Money Problems.

There are several ways to pay your rent.

Pay online

You will need your 9 digit rent account reference number. You can find this out by checking your quarterly rent statement or calling 0113 378 […]

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Ending a tenancy

[…] in advance. The date your tenancy ends must be a Monday.

If you don’t do this, your notice may not be accepted and you will still need to pay rent, even if you have left the property.

To end your tenancy, you will need to:

Download, print and complete the notice to terminate form you are […]

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Money problems

[…] are a tenant in the BITMO area please contact BITMO on 0113 378 2188 as we may be able to help.

If you are finding it hard to pay your rent, please contact your Rent Officer on 0113 378 2187. They will be able to:

make an agreement with you on how much rent and arrears […]

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[…] claim was unsuccessful?

Unfortunately promises made by these companies aren’t always what they seem and some tenants are left owing huge legal bills, which they are unable to pay back leaving them in substantial debt.

If you have an overdue repair or feel that you have had difficulties in getting repairs completed, please contact us on […]

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Volunteer Locally

[…] Christmas.A volunteer runs free guitar lessons at beginner and intermediate levels on Wednesday evenings.Volunteers come in at 7.30am every Friday to cook breakfast for 30-50 people, who pay what they can. The cost is subsidised by BITMO and of course the voluntary effort of the volunteers.Volunteers help run activities in the sheltered schemes for […]

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Permissions & Responsibilities

[…] a tenant, as well as the Council and BITMO’s rights and responsibilities are set out in full in your tenancy agreement here

A few of your responsibilities are:

To pay your rent in full or to make an arrangement with BITMO and keep to itTo allow BITMO access to inspect your home with reasonable noticeTo allow […]

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What’s Happening

Due to COVID-19, BITMOs GATE is currently closed. We’ll update this page when we have a date for reopening. In the meantime, please contact our Community and Tenant Support Team on 0113 378 2190 or email if you want to speak to someone for support with your personal circumstances. BITMOs GATE is the community resource centre […]

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Contact Us

[…] visit the office for an urgent matter then please phone us in advance to book an appointment.

To report a repair please call 0113 378 2188 or 0800 389 5503.

To pay your rent call 0113 378 2187.

Main Contacts

For all telephone enquiries(including repairs and all BITMO services)0800 389 55030113

Out of hours emergency service0113 376 0499

Rent payments by […]

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Your Own Improvements

[…] and maintenance of any improvements or additions you have made. If we need to repair, maintain or inspect the work for any reason, you will have to pay any additional costs. For example, we will have a legal responsibility to check, service and maintain any gas appliances or fittings you have installed.

What happens if […]

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BITMO Latest X

Study skills and computer courses at BITMOs GATE

Thinking of going back to college? We have got the perfect short summer course for you. Six mornings in August in BITMOs GATE with practice in English, Maths and study skills plus advice on finding the course to suit you from September. Ring the team at BITMOs GATE on 0113 378 2190 or email for more information.

NEW! Starting in September – digital skills course with Leeds City College.

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