Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse – help and support available

Some of the people in our community live in homes where anger, violence and humiliation are the standard behaviours. In those homes there will also be sometimes, affection, affirmation and fun. That is what makes it so confusing and impossible to navigate.

Never knowing whether an opinion expressed or joke made will provoke warmth and approval or hostility and possibly violence.

At BITMO we work closely with the Police and support agencies to help people living in family and partner settings where they don’t always feel safe. We are a safe place to come to if you are frightened or hurt. If you are a child or an adult you can speak to us and we will help you.

Things we can do include

  • Helping you to move straight away to a place where you are safe
  • Making the home you are in safer
  • Help you move to a new home
  • Support you in your dealing with the Police or social services
  • Listening and helping you to plan what you want to do

If you are worried that someone you know may be a victim of domestic abuse, reassure them that the police and support services are still there to help and direct them to sources of support. As well as BITMO there are other agencies that can help

Refuge runs the National Domestic Abuse Helpline which you can call for free, and in confidence, 24 hours a day on 0808 2000 247. Its website provides guidance and support for potential victims, as well as those who are worried about friends and loved ones. It also has a form through which you can book a safe time for a call from the team.

Refuge’s website includes a range of resources on identifying the signs of domestic abuse, and a safety guide for women and children who are living with a perpetrator. It also features a tech abuse chat-bot with step-by-step instructional videos on how to secure devices such as phones and laptops. Look for the pink button in the bottom-right corner.

Women’s Aid has a range of direct services for survivors, including a live chat service and an online Survivors’ Forum. They have developed additional advice specifically designed for the current coronavirus outbreak. You can also find your local domestic abuse service on their website.

The Men’s Advice Line is a confidential helpline for male victims of domestic abuse and those supporting them. Telephone: 0808 801 0327.

Galop runs the National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse specialist helpline.

Phone: 0800 999 5428.

Hestia provides a free mobile app, Bright Sky, which provides support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know.

Chayn provides online help and resources in a number of languages about identifying manipulative situations and how friends can support those being abused.

Sexual assault referral centres continue to provide non-judgmental advice and support services to victims and survivors of sexual assault or abuse. Interviews, forensic examinations and sexual health and counselling services are offered in a comfortable environment where staff will ensure that victims and survivors will be managed safely to comply with coronavirus guidance. Please call your local sexual assault referral centre to arrange care and support, which may be provided in person or remotely depending on your needs.

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