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BITMO’s GATE reopened on 30 January after work to extends and refit the kitchen. The kitchen works were necessary to meet new fire regulations and allow the fantastic volunteers of Belle Isle Community Kitchen to continue catering for the community three times a week.

BITMO’s GATE is a community resource centre for Belle Isle. See the programme of activities below:

You can download a pdf to print out and display here

You can download a jpeg to share on social media here

Our opening times are:

Mondays 9am – 1pm

Tuesdays 1pm – 7pm

Wednesday 9am – 1pm

Thursday 1 – 7pm

Fridays 9am – 1pm

We are also open on a Saturday once a month. In April we are open 1pm-4pm on March 20th for the Belle Isle repair café – as well as advice, support and for the use of computers and Wi-Fi. Remember we can now do sewing repairs as well as electrical & mechanical. Also free toasties! We have free winter coats and lend gardening and DIY tools with the Belle Isle tool library.

When you come to the GATE, if we can help you in up to 10 minutes, we will continue to do so. However, if you need more help we will probably book you an appointment to make sure we can help you properly. You could also ring us on 0113 378 2190 to book an appointment directly. If you are not a BITMO tenant, we will probably refer you somewhere else for help, such as to a Community Hub.

Peter, Jo, Tracey and Adam

BITMO Community Development Team

For more information, to sign up or to get involved with any of the sessions, activities or courses taking place at the GATE, please our Community Development Team on 0113 378 2190 or email gate@belleisletmo.co.uk 

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