Permissions & Responsibilities


Under your tenancy agreement both you and BITMO (on behalf of Leeds City Council) have rights and responsibilities. You can see the tenancy agreement here.

Advocacy – giving someone permission to discuss your tenancy with BITMO

If you would like to give permission for someone else, such as a relative or a support agency, to discuss your tenancy with BITMO please complete this form and return it to our office or email it to .


As a council tenant, you must ask BITMO for permission for the following:

To request permission to run a business from your home, please complete this form:

Please list mobile and landline numbers
Use dropdown to select flat or house
Name, date of birth and relationship to you
Name, date of birth and relationship to you
Name, date of birth and relationship to you
Name, date of birth and relationship to you
Name, date of birth and relationship to you

Details of Proposed Business

You also need to inform BITMO if you are going to leave your home for more than 28 days. Please complete the form found here and hand it in to the housing reception or email it to


Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as the Council and BITMO’s rights and responsibilities are set out in full in your tenancy agreement here

A few of your responsibilities are:

  • To pay your rent in full or to make an arrangement with BITMO and keep to it
  • To allow BITMO access to inspect your home with reasonable notice
  • To allow BITMO and its contractors to carry out repairs to your home and to carry out annual gas safety checks and five-year electrical checks
  • To allow BITMO to carry out an annual Home Visit
  • To take responsibility the behaviour of your household and visitors To dispose of your rubbish responsibly

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