Gas safety and servicing

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, call 0800 111 999 at any time of the day or night. Also:

– turn off the gas
– open doors and window
– DO not turn on lights
– DO not use naked flames

Gas servicing and safety is a legal requirement which Belle Isle TMO takes very seriously.

An annual gas service is carried out every 12 months FREE OF CHARGE to ensure your home and gas appliances are safe to use.

Please allow access at all times to our appointed contractor, Sayes, to enable us to carry out the work.

We take the safety of your family, friends and neighbours very seriously.

This is why servicing your gas appliance is very important to us. It is not just that we need to do this by law, we also want to protect the people in your home. Tenants who refuse access to their homes to service their gas boiler put themselves and others at risk. It is also a breach of your tenancy agreement. In these situations we will take further steps including taking legal action.

  • Sayes will fully service all appliances that are provided by BITMO as standard within the property.
  • Sayes will safety check any gas cooker in a property but they will not service or replace parts. Therefore if there are safety concerns they will immediately isolate this appliance and issue a warning notice.
  • Sayes will service a gas fire owned by the tenant but only if the full Operating & Maintenance Manual is available and it must be noted that any replacement parts to these appliances are chargeable
  • As part of the gas safety inspection we will test to see if there are any gas leaks on the system. If any leaks are found on our appliances remedial action will be taken but if it is found to be from an appliance owned by the tenant(s) then it will be isolated.

You will get a letter from Sayes giving you an appointment. If you can’t be at home at this time, please contact Sayes on the number provided.

If you are not at home when Sayes visit, they will leave a card. Please ring the number on the card to agree a new appointment.

Sayes will send you a second letter. Please be in for this appointment or ring to agree a new date and time.

Your gas safety check must take place within 12 months of the last one. Sayes and BITMO staff will keep trying to contact you to agree an appointment. As a final measure BITMO will take legal action to gain access to your home to carry out the gas safety check.

Our contractor Sayes will attend your home. They will have ID cards.

A responsible adult must be at home throughout their visit or they will not carry out the check.

The checks normally last an hour.

Please keep children and pets away from the area during the check.

As well as checking gas safety, Sayes will check your smoke detectors. If they are faulty, BITMO will replace them as a priority.

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