Antisocial Behaviour

Problems with noisy neighbours? People harassing you in the street? Feeling alarmed or stressed by other people’s actions? Anti -social behaviour is when someone does something that most people would say is unreasonable, that causes harassment, alarm or distress a nuisance or annoyance.

If you are a council tenant in the BITMO area you need to report the problem to BITMO.  You can come in to the BITMO Office, phone us on 0113 3782188 (office hours) or email

If you are a private tenant you should report it to your landlord first. If you own your home you should report it directly to Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team. You can phone them on 0113 222 4402 Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm or email them at

Information we need

There are five basic questions we need you to answer when you report anti-social behaviour or noise nuisance:

  • WHERE? Is the problem in your home, outside your home, or somewhere else? Be as clear about the location as you can.
  • WHEN? When and how often does the nuisance happen? Is it day or night? Write down dates and times for each incident.
  • WHO? Do you know the person or people involved? If not, can you describe them?
  • WHY? Is there a reason why you are being targeted? Has a relationship broken down? Is this an issue affecting other people in the community?
  • WHAT? What is the nuisance behaviour? How serious or regular is the problem?

The quickest, most effective way to report dangerous driving is by telephoning the Police non-emergency number – 101 where a police incident log will be created immediately or by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

People can report a non-emergency crime online now and anonymously via Crimes can also be reported anonymously via the Police non-emergency number – 101.

Information the Police require

When reporting these types of issues the more information provided to the Police, the greater their chances of success will be in tackling the problem and taking positive action. Where possible information should include:

  • Time, day and date
  • An exact location rather than a vague one
  • Vehicle – as detailed a description as possible (with registration number, if possible, if one is displayed), to include colour(s), markings and any distinguishing features
  • Have you seen the vehicle before? Do you know who owns the vehicle? Do you know where the vehicle is kept?
  • Rider/Driver – Again, as detailed a description as possible to include clothing. Do you know them? If so, how?
  • Do you know where they live?
  • What exactly were/are they doing?

Please consider – the rider of a registered quad bike (i.e. one with a number plate) is NOT required by law to wear a safety helmet – Please do not report this on its own.

See it, Report it – Don’t Ignore it.

A Tenancy Support & Enforcement officer will explain the investigation process to you. No action will be taken without your consent. We will keep you updated every 10 working days. The officer will investigate and aim to resolve the problems as soon as possible.

With your support we have the tools available to help tackle anti-social behaviour. We can use warnings, mediation, closure orders or even eviction as a last resort.

“The support, timely updates and proactive attitude of the case officer was excellent”

“I am very pleased with the service I received. The problem has now ceased and it feels like I have my home back. Thank you”

“I now have peace and I’m happily settled in my home, I can’t thank you enough”

“The case officer was extremely supportive throughout and showed great patience and understanding, taking time to explain the complexities of the process of this case”

Working Together we can make a difference: let’s stop anti-social behaviour.

Out of Hours Noise Nuisance Response Service

If there is a lot of noise during the night – for example a noisy party you can call the Out of Hours Noise Nuisance response service on 0113 376 0337 from 6pm to 3.30am, 7 days a week. They can come out to witness the noise, intervene to shut it down and even take away the equipment that is making the noise. You should only call them if the noise is still happening. If it has stopped contact BITMO on the next working day.


In an emergency 999

Non-emergency 101. You can also report non-emergency crime online.

Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired people can use textphone 18001 101

Victim Support 0300 303 1971

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