Data Protection Notification

Data Protection Notification


BITMO’s GATE Membership – Data Protection Notification

To become a member of BITMO’s GATE you must read this policy and accept it by selecting the box on the online form or paper form and signing if it is the paper form.

In order to provide you with the service you require, we need to collect, store and use your personal information. We will hold information about you such as your name address and contact details. We will not disclose any of the personal information you have provided with anyone else unless we need to in order to comply with a legal obligation, or where permitted by the Data Protection Act. BITMO will keep the information you have supplied confidential and will not divulge it to third parties, except where required by law, or where we have retained the services of a third party representative to act on your/our behalf, as part of the services that we supply.


Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation (BITMO) manages homes and estate services in Belle Isle through a partnership with Leeds City Council. We aim to maintain a well-run organisation that is led by tenants and is open, transparent and financially viable. We also aim to provide high quality services and build stronger and safer communities.

When we use your personal data, BITMO is the data controller.

As the data controller, we must:

  • only keep the data that we need to provide services

and do what the law says we must

  • keep your records safe and accurate
  • only keep your data as long as we have to
  • collect, store and use your data in a way that does not break any data protection laws

Things you can do to help us:

  • tell us when any of your details change; and
  • tell us if any of the information we hold on you is wrong

What is personal data?

Personal data is information about a living person that means we can work out who they are such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, bank details etc. This can include written letters, emails, photographs, audio recordings and video recordings. Some data is called ‘special category data’, which is more sensitive and we have to look after it more carefully. This includes details of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, trade union membership, health data, biometric (e.g. fingerprints, facial recognition) and genetic (e.g. DNA) data.

Using your personal data

The data that we use is specific to your membership and help us to achieve our desired goals. Your information is used and processed, in various ways at different stages in the membership life cycle and in multiple departments. In some cases we will use and process your information to remain compliant with legal and statutory obligations or protocols.

We will use your data to:

  • provide BITMO services and anything we must do by law
  • listen to your ideas about BITMO services
  • tell you about BITMO services
  • analyse statistical data so we can plan how we provide services

Any anonymised data will not contain any personal information which means that individuals cannot be identified.

Why we collect and store your information

For some of our services, we need to use your personal data so we can get in touch, or provide the service. We can use your personal data under many different laws. Your information is retained for agreed periods and you have a number of rights that allow you to access or have a say in how, when, and where we process your information. To maintain a level of transparency you can ask our staff at any time, why we are using your information and you have the right to object, restrict, or have the information erased. You also have the right to be informed of any changes around your information. You have the right to be forgotten or prevent automated decisions. The information we hold is kept securely, Information is only shared with your explicit consent with frontline partners to serve the interests of the property under management, with exceptions relating to emergency services.

Tenancy Management

  • There is currently no resources within this category.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

  • ASB leaflet (1.0MB)
  • Nuisance Diary (40.5kB)
  • Noise Advice for Residents (496.9kB)

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Permission to make alterations (90.9kB)


  • There is currently no resources within this category.

Human Resources

  • There is currently no resources within this category.

Health & Wellbeing

  • There is currently no resources within this category.

Money Advice

  • There is currently no resources within this category.

Employment Support

  • Construction Jobs for Young People (302.2kB)

Retirement Life

  • There is currently no resources within this category.


  • There is currently no resources within this category.


  • There is currently no resources within this category.


  • Public Access Computers Terms of Usage Policy – BITMO’s GATE (12.3kB)
  • Data Protection Notification (14.0kB)


  • There is currently no resources within this category.

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