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Report a Repair

Only the tenant or joint tenant can report a repair. If you want someone else to be able to report a repair for you please fill in the advocate consent.

There are four ways you can report a repair to BITMO


0113 378 2188 or 0800 389 5503 (office hours)
Emergency out of hours: 0113 376 […]

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[…] only fair to charge you. This includes

If you, a member of your family or a visitor have caused damage that results in us having to do a repair or replacement.If you leave your home in a bad condition when you move out.

If the damage is caused by criminal activity (by another person but not […]

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A Very Different Christmas

[…] open to help customers over Christmas apart from Christmas Day and the Bank Holidays on 28 December and New Year’s Day, and we have a 24-hour responsive repair service should some genuine emergency befall you that needs an immediate response. Fingers crossed you won’t need to call anyone out to fix your heating or […]

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Contact Us

Coronavirus service changes To minimise the risk to our tenants, staff and contractors, Belle Isle TMO will be running a ‘Telephone First’ service. Should you need to visit the office for an urgent matter then please phone us in advance to book an appointment. To report a repair please call 0113 378 2188 or 0800 389 5503. […]

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Your Own Improvements

[…] the work is underway and when it is complete as we will need to inspect it.

Once the work is complete, you will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of any improvements or additions you have made. If we need to repair, maintain or inspect the work for any reason, you will have […]

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Can I buy my home?

Info to follow…

Can I rent a garage?

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Will you repair my fence? Or put in a new fence?

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Can you maintain my garden for me?

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What is an Introductory Tenancy?

Info to follow…

Can I run a business from home?

Info to follow…

Will you […]

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Ending a tenancy

[…] the property is empty, and you will need to continue paying rent
leave the property in a good condition – we will charge you if we need to repair any damage or any unauthorised alterations

What happens next?

When we receive your notice to terminate form, your property will be advertised on the Leeds Homes website. Please […]

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Our Partners

[…] meetings to monitor it. Leeds City Council provide a number of services that are not BITMO responsibility, such as grounds maintenance, refuse and clearing dumped rubbish.

BITMOs main repair contractors are Mears who carry out most repairs and maintenance and Sayes who carry out gas repairs and annual gas safety checks.

We work with a number […]

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Annual home visits

Belle Isle TMO are required to carry out tenancy verification audits of all properties managed by us, at least once every year. We are checking to ensure that the legal tenant is still living in the property and that sub-letting or any other activity that contravenes the Tenancy Agreement is not taking place. When we […]

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BITMO Updates – September 2020

[…] that we are all dealing with there are no easy solutions, and no quick way to get back to normal. 

We are dealing with a significant backlog of repair requests (400 in fact), and our contractor Mears are working through these as quickly as they can, but they don’t yet have a full staff team […]

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