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Retirement Life

Retirement LIFE (Living in a Friendly Environment) provides a supportive, safe place to live for older people who are over the age of 60. Some Retirement Life homes are also available to people with disabilities under the age of 60, following an assessment by the Council. Tenants have access to a team of support officers […]

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Annual home visits

[…] to carry out tenancy verification audits of all properties managed by us, at least once every year.

We are checking to ensure that the legal tenant is still living in the property and that sub-letting or any other activity that contravenes the Tenancy Agreement is not taking place.

When we visit you can raise any concerns […]

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Feedback & Complaints

[…] the contact details below:

Your Name

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Email: 0113 3782188

BITMOAberfield GateBelle IsleLeedsLS10 3QH

Please note: If you are not a tenant of BITMO, living in Belle Isle, please go to the Housing Leeds page.

Comments or Compliments

If you offer a comment or compliments we will

Acknowledge the compliment or commentPass it on to the […]

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Domestic Abuse

[…] expressed or joke made will provoke warmth and approval or hostility and possibly violence.

At BITMO we work closely with the Police and support agencies to help people living in family and partner settings where they don’t always feel safe. We are a safe place to come to if you are frightened or hurt. If […]

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Ending a tenancy

[…] – we will ask you to pay for any costs to remove animals, and you could be prosecuted for animal abandonment
make sure there is no one left living there – we will not terminate your tenancy until the property is empty, and you will need to continue paying rent
leave the property in a good […]

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How homes are allocated

[…] from employer, Contract of Employment, wage slips and proof of self-employment.Family associations – close family (parents, brother, sisters or children not friends or cousins) that have been living in the area for 12 months. Proofs accepted would be proof of relationship (such as birth certificate), proof of residence (as above) AND a letter from […]

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Happy New Year!

Photo of Belle Isle Circus by Kirsty Bates We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year. As we enter a period of national lockdown, we are all being told to stay at home. Further stay at home guidance on what you can and can’t do can be found on […]

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[…] is fly tipping?.. It’s the illegal dumping of anyone’s waste.Have you been approached by someone offering to clear your garden or remove your waste cheaply?We know people living in Belle Isle have been approached by someone offering to remove items cheaply, including bulky items and garden waste. This person has been knocking on doors […]

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Add or remove someone

[…] be assigned to one of the following:

a joint tenant (so that they become the sole tenant)
husbands, wives, civil partners or partners, as long as they have been living at the property
other family members who have lived at the property for 12 months or more

If a tenancy has been inherited or assigned before, it can’t […]

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Study skills and computer courses at BITMOs GATE

Thinking of going back to college? We have got the perfect short summer course for you. Six mornings in August in BITMOs GATE with practice in English, Maths and study skills plus advice on finding the course to suit you from September. Ring the team at BITMOs GATE on 0113 378 2190 or email for more information.

NEW! Starting in September – digital skills course with Leeds City College.

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