3-storey flats – meeting report

3 December 2021

BITMO invited just over 100 households living in the 3-storey blocks inviting them to a meeting in October. Here is the outcome letter sent to all residents after the meeting by BITMO Chief Executive Deborah Kelly.

I would like to thank those of you who were able to attend our consultation meeting on Tuesday 19th October 2021.  A number of important issues were raised that we will act upon straightaway.

  1. Firstly we were made aware of various acts of anti-social and criminal behaviour that are negatively impacting on the wellbeing of residents.  We were advised that residents and non-residents are smoking cannabis in some of the communal areas and are wedging external doors open to allow non-residents access.  We also received complaints that people are riding quad bikes in the grassed areas. These activities have been reported to the police and we have requested additional police presence to deal with this.

We are installing improved lighting and CCTV to monitor this situation, and to provide information to the Police. Drug use, possession and supply as well as being illegal are all breaches of tenancy and we will act against individuals responsible for this.

      2.  The standard of cleaning in the blocks is not high enough. We are going to increase the frequency of cleaning.

      3.  The gutters and drains need unblocking – an order has been raised for this.  As scaffolding is needed, it will take a few weeks before you see this happen on site.

      4.  General comments were made about ASB around the BITMO office, we are improving CCTV and bringing this to the attention of the police.

      5.  We have developed plans to improve the green areas at the rear of the blocks and once we have a contractor in place to do this work we will involve you further in what the work should look like.

Again, thank you for attending the meeting, it is only by hearing what your experience of living in your home is, that we can take action that will make a difference. Please continue to be vigilant and report any drug use, criminal or anti-social behaviour to the Police and to us. If we work together we can deal with these issues.

Deborah Kelly Chief Executive

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