2-storey flats – meeting report

3 December 2021

BITMO invited just over 400 households living in the 2-storey blocks inviting them to a meeting in October. Here is the outcome letter sent to all residents after the meeting by BITMO Chief Executive Deborah Kelly.

BITMO hosted a resident consultation event on the 26th October that was very well attended.  People from your area came together to tell BITMO about their experience of living in this community.

The issues they raised were concerning. First and foremost, the criminal problems of drug dealing, and drug use, and the violent and anti-social behaviour that goes along with them were discussed. It was reported that no less than four BITMO properties around Belle Isle Circus are openly dealing in drugs. Other addresses were mentioned in the West Granges and the Windmills. This has been reported to the police.

The parking situation generated a good deal of discussion and people are very keen to see a local permit scheme and enforcement that takes place in the evenings and weekends, which is when the parking issues are evident.  We have requested a strategic review of parking in Belle Isle from the Council. BITMO struggles to influence this issue. It is the responsibility of the Council, but we will liaise with Council colleagues to try to push it up the agenda.

People were concerned also about the condition of people’s gardens and our enforcement team are picking up this issue.

A number of issues were raised about anti-social behaviour, and these were picked up by our Tenancy Support and Enforcement Officer. We also picked up a few property repair issues and are resolving those.

We were asked about the use of weed killers and biodiversity, and about planned maintenance investment in your homes over the coming years. If you would like to discuss work that needs doing in your home, please get in touch with the repairs team and request a comprehensive stock condition survey. That will help us plan what work we do and when.

I’ve also included a copy of our November GATE programme for your information. Many of the sessions are bookable so if you are interested in attending any of them please get in touch via the number on the leaflet.

Yours sincerely

Deborah Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

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