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25 January 2024

BITMO Chief Executive Deborah Kelly on why BITMO outperforms Housing Leeds – according to tenants

Across England and Wales tenants have set up tenant management organisations to run their own estates better than councils do and to strengthen their communities. You can find out more on the National Federation of TMOs’ website.

In Leeds, there is just one tenant management organisation. It is called Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation (BITMO). At BITMO levels of tenant satisfaction and tenant influence are much higher than for Leeds Housing generally.

From surveys carried out by Housing Leeds themselves, overall satisfaction with BITMO is 71% compared to 64% for Housing Leeds, satisfaction with repairs is 10% higher, and the difference the landlord makes to the neighbourhood scores 19% more for BITMO than Housing Leeds. We score 14% higher on listening to tenants and acting on what you tell us, and 13% higher on keeping you informed. We score 12% higher on being easy to deal with. This could be because we are based in the heart of the community and have an office that is open five days and two evenings a week. In terms of having a good reputation we score 29% higher than Housing Leeds. This could be because we are run by a Board with a majority of elected tenants from Belle Isle.

All in all, that’s a good set of results. It’s worth knowing that any group of tenants can set up a tenant management organisation or join an existing one. If you’d like to find out more about tenant management, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Belle Isle tenants manage their own homes and services. Tenant management delivers better services and local accountability. #TenantManagementWorks

 BITMOLeeds City CouncilVariance
Overall Satisfaction71%64%7%
Well Maintained Home76%67%9%
Safe Home81%74%7%
Repairs Last 12 Months77%70%7%
Time Taken Repairs74%66%8%
Communal Areas76%65%11%
Neighbourhood Contribution75%61%14%
Approach to ASB55%53%2%
Safety in neighbourhood59%63%-4%
Neighbourhood Appearance64%59%5%
Listens & Acts64%55%9%
Kept Informed76%66%10%
Fairly & with Respect79%74%5%
Complaints Handling28%29%-1%
Easy to Deal With75%66%9%
Friendly Approachable62%64%-2%
Advice & Support55%54%1%
Good Reputation55%39%16%
Rent VFM66%69%-3%
Results of the survey findings for Belle Isle and for the City generally for the nine months to 31 December 2023

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Your views on how we let our homes

Leeds City Council and BITMO are considering making changes to who can join the housing register and how we let our homes. This is due to the increased demand for social housing. We are considering changes so that:

Before we make any changes, we want to take your views into account. Visit Your Voice Leeds to read more and complete the survey.

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