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Belle Isle TMO is looking for two paid placements for 18 – 24 year olds. Apply for both positions through your Work Coach at the Job Centre. Trainee Tenancy Support AssistantTrainee Caretaker Both positions are:• 25 hours a week, within Monday – Friday 9am-5pm• 6-month placements• Paid at National Minimum Wage• Based at BITMO, Aberfield […]

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Caretaking Service

BITMO has a team of four caretakers and Senior Estate Caretaker Darren I’Anson. The main roles of the team are:

Cleaning and clearing homes when tenants move out. This sometimes involves clearing gardens prior to new residents moving in.Minor repairs such as taps, toilet flushes and clearing blocked sinks. These must be ordered through BITMO.Cleaning […]

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Study skills and computer courses at BITMOs GATE

Thinking of going back to college? We have got the perfect short summer course for you. Six mornings in August in BITMOs GATE with practice in English, Maths and study skills plus advice on finding the course to suit you from September. Ring the team at BITMOs GATE on 0113 378 2190 or email for more information.

NEW! Starting in September – digital skills course with Leeds City College.

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