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[…] pet. Please complete the below form and return it to BITMO.

This is because we need to make sure that your home is suitable, and can give any pets the time and care they need to stay healthy. We also need to make sure that pets do not become a nuisance or dangerous to others.

Rules […]

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Permissions & Responsibilities


As a council tenant, you must ask BITMO for permission for the following:

Having pets or animalsMaking alterations to your homeTaking in lodgers or sub-letting. Download the application form here.Having a mobility scooter (Application form)

You also need to inform BITMO if you are going to leave your home for more than 28 days. Please complete […]

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Ending a tenancy

[…] for every lock – this will mean we need to change the locks
remove all your belongings – we will charge any removal fees to you
make sure any pets have been removed – we will ask you to pay for any costs to remove animals, and you could be prosecuted for animal abandonment
make sure there […]

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Gas safety and servicing

[…] ID cards.
A responsible adult must be at home throughout their visit or they will not carry out the check.
The checks normally last an hour.
Please keep children and pets away from the area during the check.
As well as checking gas safety, Sayes will check your smoke detectors. If they are faulty, BITMO will replace them […]

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Study skills and computer courses at BITMOs GATE

Thinking of going back to college? We have got the perfect short summer course for you. Six mornings in August in BITMOs GATE with practice in English, Maths and study skills plus advice on finding the course to suit you from September. Ring the team at BITMOs GATE on 0113 378 2190 or email for more information.

NEW! Starting in September – digital skills course with Leeds City College.

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