Tenant Satisfaction Measures

9 February 2022

Have your say on the Tenant Satisfaction Measures Consultation

As part of Government moves to increase engagement with tenants by social housing providers, the Regulator of Social Housing would like to get you views on measures of tenant satisfaction.

The measures are intended to make landlords’ performance more visible to their tenants and to help tenants hold their landlords to account. They will be a reporting requirement of social landlords from April next year. Tenants should also be able to use the information to compare landlords, and for landlords to use this data to identify good practice of others. The measures proposed should be those that matter to tenants.   

The consultation document is available here until 3rd March. The Regulator would very much like to hear your views.

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Your views on how we let our homes

Leeds City Council and BITMO are considering making changes to who can join the housing register and how we let our homes. This is due to the increased demand for social housing. We are considering changes so that:

Before we make any changes, we want to take your views into account. Visit Your Voice Leeds to read more and complete the survey.

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