Improvements to Belle Isle Circus?

6 December 2022

BITMO is beginning consultation with residents on and near Belle Isle Circus on making improvements.

It may be possible to fence the Circus off – to prevent cars and quad bikes going on.

It is not an easy road to cross – could this be improved?

Could more facilities be put on the Circus to encourage greater use? This could be anything from a children’s play area, an adult gym or even a bandstand.

Belle Isle Circus

At this stage, BITMO is only asking for in principle agreement to further consultation. If you have any opinions, please complete the form below.

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Your views on how we let our homes

Leeds City Council and BITMO are considering making changes to who can join the housing register and how we let our homes. This is due to the increased demand for social housing. We are considering changes so that:

Before we make any changes, we want to take your views into account. Visit Your Voice Leeds to read more and complete the survey.

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