An orchard on the old bowling green?

8 November 2022

BITMO is now consulting with residents on Belle Isle Circus about the old bowling green at the back of their homes.

BITMO could work with residents to plant about a dozen fruit trees as well as some fruit bushes.

This would create a harvest every autumn, which could be shared by Belle Isle residents. We have asked Windmill Primary if a group of their pupils could help plant the trees and then in future years help residents to pick the fruit.

View of the old bowling green – a future orchard?

We have already had the site checked by some expert growers called Fruit Works. They have confirmed that we could plant up to a dozen trees on site, as well as fruit bushes. They have provided some design options, including the one below. They would also help us to plant the trees.

A possible layout – trees in green, fruit bushes in purple and a central clearing

We are now asking residents in the area around the bowling green:
• Do you support the idea of an orchard on the old bowling green?
• Would you be interested in attending meetings to develop plans?
• If there was an orchard, would you consider using it?

Residents’ views can be put forward by:
• Completing the form at the bottom of this page
• Emailing
• Text/WhatsApp to 07891 274237
• Call 0113 378 2190 or 07891 274237
• Come to BITMOs GATE on Thursday 17 November from 4-6pm

If you would like a call back
If you would like a reply

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