Reporting crime is an essential part of making sure a community gets the resources it needs.

12 January 2022

by BITMO Chief Executive, Deborah Kelly

  • The police do respond to reports of crime
  • Crime statistics are monitored, and policing is organised around those statistics
  • Reporting crime online, is quick easy and we can help you to do it.

My son was assaulted last week and the conversations I’ve had with people following it have been interesting. Those conversations suggested to me that reporting even serious crimes to the police is not taken for granted.

We know that our community in Belle Isle are concerned about crime and that they witness crime, but that crime reporting levels are very low. The best way to address crime is to provide the police with the information they need to track it and deal with it.

If you witness any illegal activity such as drug dealing, aggression, intimidation, assault, damage of property, or illegal road use, it is easy and quick to report it online. BITMO staff can help you, and it really will help to get the resources we need to create a safer stronger Belle Isle.

Please continue to ring 999 in an emergency and use 101 to report non-urgent crime. You may find it easier to report non-urgent crime online, using this link

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