New fruit & nut bushes for Belle Isle Circus

11 March 2022

BITMO caretakers have planted 105 new fruit and nut bushes on Belle Isle Circus. The plants were received free from the Woodland Trust. They are hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, elder, dog rose, rowan.
It’s obvious that hazel will produce hazelnuts, but what about the others?

Blackthorn – sloe berries for jam or gin
Crab apple – to make crab apple jelly, or to add to home-made jams to help them set
Elder – drinks from elder flowers and syrup, wine or jams from elderberries.
Dog rose – rose hips, which are a great source of vitamin C and can be made into jams, syrups and tea
Rowan – the berries are made into a jam which goes with cheese, game or lamb.

We are not expecting a harvest this year, but look forward to a crop in 2023. We will be looking out for volunteers who know how to make syrups, jams and cordials.

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