A community garden for the West Granges and Winroses

19 May 2022

Do you think there should be a new community garden in the West Granges/Winroses area?

We asked BITMO and Leeds Federated tenants in the West Grange Road area for their views on on a proposal to start a community garden there. This area is used by some for dumping and fires and is not secure or supervised.

The proposal would involve:
• Secure fencing around all of the site
• Limited hours, controlled by keyholders
• Use of the hardstanding area for sheds, planters and a limited amount of parking.
• Communal vegetable and flower beds, along with fruit trees and bushes
• It could be used for gardening lessons

The response from the survey was 100% in favour, with some concern that the site could be vandalised if it was not protected. Five people have volunteered to be part of a steering group to get the community garden going.

Aerial view of the garage site
View of the site as it is now

BITMO staff went door-to-door to speak to residents of the sixteen flats nearest to the site entrance. We found overwhelming support for the project and the proposal to relocate some of the grey metal fence to ensure that the site is completely secure. We aim to relocate the gate in June and to start to relocate the fence after that.

The next step will be to make the site safe – clearing the rubbish and ensuring level access. When this is done residents will be invited to some sessions in summer to view the site and discuss how it could be arranged and managed.

If you would like to know more or be involved in a steering group please:

• Email gate@belleisletmo.co.uk
• Text/WhatsApp to 07891 274237
• Call 0113 378 2190 or 07891 274237
or complete the form below.

If you would like a call back
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