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Report a Repair

Only the tenant or joint tenant can report a repair. If you want someone else to be able to report a repair for you please fill in the advocate consent. There are four ways you can report a repair to BITMO Phone 0113 378 2188 or 0800 389 5503 (office hours) Emergency out of hours: […]

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[…] us atBelle Isle T.M.O.Aberfield GateBelle IsleLeeds LS10 3QH

BITMOs Gate, including help with employment remember to include your full name, address and contact number in your email.

Regular office opening times

Monday 9am to 5pmTuesday 9am to 5pmWednesday 9am to 1pmThursday 9am to 5pmFriday 9am to 4pm

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Vulnerable people

We have a number of tenants who may […]

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