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Caretaking Service

[…] landlords have replaced their caretakers with contract cleaners and repairs contractors. BITMO keeps its caretaking team as they are committed to maintaining and improving the estate, as well as doing lots of little extras that contractors often can’t do without payment.×384.jpg Garden cleanup – before and after×384.jpg Garden cleanup – before and […]

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[…] and happy holiday weekend.

We’re talking about fly tipping.

What is fly tipping?.. It’s the illegal dumping of anyone’s waste.Have you been approached by someone offering to clear your garden or remove your waste cheaply?We know people living in Belle Isle have been approached by someone offering to remove items cheaply, including bulky items and garden […]

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Ending a tenancy

How to end a council tenancy, what you need to do before the tenancy ends, and how to end a tenancy on someone else’s behalf. Named tenants are responsible for paying rent at their property until their tenancy is officially terminated. When you want to end your tenancy you will need to let us know […]

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[…] garages cannot be used to repair vehicles or run a business.

Will you repair my fence? Or put in a new fence?

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Can you maintain my garden for me?

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What is an Introductory Tenancy?

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Can I run a business from home?

Info to follow…

Will you deal with pests in […]

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[…] pets’ care if you are awaykeeping your pets under control at all timesproviding us with an emergency contact who can care for your petsmaking sure your property, garden and pet areas are clean and free from animal smellsmaking sure your pets don’t annoy or frighten anyone, or damage anybody’s property

The full rules are set […]

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Study skills and computer courses at BITMOs GATE

Thinking of going back to college? We have got the perfect short summer course for you. Six mornings in August in BITMOs GATE with practice in English, Maths and study skills plus advice on finding the course to suit you from September. Ring the team at BITMOs GATE on 0113 378 2190 or email for more information.

NEW! Starting in September – digital skills course with Leeds City College.

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