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Add or remove someone

There are two ways to add or remove someone from a council tenancy. Both options have advantages and disadvantages depending on your circumstances. It is important to speak to your Rent Officer before making any decisions.*You should get independent legal advice before making any changes to your tenancy.*

End the existing tenancy and create a […]

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Pay Your Rent

If you are struggling to pay your rent, please contact your Rent Officer for help. For more advice see Money Problems.

There are several ways to pay your rent.

Pay online

You will need your 9 digit rent account reference number. You can find this out by checking your quarterly rent statement or calling 0113 378 […]

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Report a Repair

Only the tenant or joint tenant can report a repair. If you want someone else to be able to report a repair for you please fill in the advocate consent.

There are four ways you can report a repair to BITMO


0113 378 2188 or 0800 389 5503 (office hours)
Emergency out of hours: 0113 376 […]

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Your Community

[…] to us too. By clicking the links in this section of the website you can find out more about what’s happening locally, what BITMOs GATE offers, and ways that you can become involved with BITMO so that we can work together to improve Belle Isle.

As part of our commitment to the community, we are:

Carrying […]

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Get Involved

[…] your say about our services, your home and where you live, and our involvement activities give you the opportunities to do just that.

There are a number of ways you can get involved, which include:

Answering questionnaires, completing surveys and providing feedback on our services.Attending meetings to help improve services provided by BITMO, such as focus […]

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Our five year plan

[…] the environment 

We will mitigate this risk with

Timely dataSkilled staffFocus on qualityEffective performance management

2 INEFFICIENT BUSINESS PROCESSES THAT CREATE ERROR, DUPLICATION AND RE-WORK.  If we work in inefficient ways we will never release the capacity and talent of our people to make a difference in the community.

We will mitigate this risk through:

Commitment to simplificationContinuous improvementRemoving […]

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Our Vision

[…] community

Make homes as safe and secure as possible
Expect tenants to abide by their tenancy agreements and hold them to their responsibilities
Support Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team in their local work on tackling anti-social behaviour
Offer tenants and residents a variety of ways to get involved in their community
Support jobs and training initiatives in Belle Isle


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Money problems

Are you having problems paying your rent or bills? Are you struggling for food or fuel? Do you have no access to the internet, but need it for your Universal Credit account, children’s homework or to stay in touch with family members? If you are a tenant in the BITMO area please contact BITMO on […]

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Community Groups

[…] Church. The Chair is Rose Hodgkinson.

We have also held meetings for the Winroses and for the East & Low Granges.

We support Community Groups in a variety of ways right from their initial set up, recruiting members to their committee, and then if needed we’ll give ongoing support and advice to help run and manage […]

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Antisocial Behaviour

[…] say is unreasonable, that causes harassment, alarm or distress a nuisance or annoyance.

Reporting Antisocial Behaviour

If you are a council tenant in the BITMO area you need to report the problem to BITMO.  You can come in to the BITMO Office, phone us on 0113 3782188 (office hours) or email
If you are a […]

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